Teeth Whitening Pens

Teeth whitening pens are an incredible way to achieve a bright white smile quickly.

With visible and professional-looking results after just one treatment for most people, whitening pens are a top choice for anyone looking to whiten their smile in an instant.

Tooth whitening pens usually contain a gel formula, which consists of active ingredients that are designed to strip away stains, reverse yellowing and restore your confidence in your smile.

They’re a cost-effective option, too, for those who would prefer to whiten from the comfort of their own home rather than face the expense and time of attending the dentist’s office.

Another perk to whitening pens is their ability to pinpoint areas of your smile that need a little extra help. You can apply with precision and target troublesome stains or focus on specific teeth, offering an edge over other whitening treatment options.

Pens are also simple to use; it’s typically easy to apply the product, and there’s very little mess involved. For professional-level and powerful whitening results without the expense or discomfort of the dentist’s chair, a whitening pen is an excellent option.

How do they work?

Tooth whitening pens are very simple to use – you simply apply the formula using the pen applicator to your teeth and let it get to work.

You can swipe the product on in seconds, and with the precision of a pen applicator, you’ll be able to tackle any areas of staining or yellowness with precision.

Some kits will contain additional equipment, such as a UV light, to enhance your results and speed up the whitening process.