Teeth Whitening Strips

See below our range of Teeth Whitening Strips. If you want a brighter smile with no discoloured teeth in sight, you may choose to go to the dentist or another professional.

This can be expensive, however, as well as requiring you to have time to spare and an accessible provider relatively nearby. A cheaper, simpler alternative is to buy teeth whitening strips.

They can offer a similar solution without the same complications. There are several brands available, and new technology is constantly being developed to improve their performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The whiteness of your teeth will vary over time depending on a number of factors, including if you smoke, how often you drink dark drinks such as red wine, tea, coffee or cola. Results can last up to 2 years with the Professional effects.

Crest Whitestrips are perfectly safe, and are approved by dentists throughout the USA. Crest White Strips contain exactly the same whitening ingredients that the expensive cosmetic dentists use.

No, wearing for longer than directed can result in tooth sensitivity and/or gum discomfort. Limit use to 30 minutes once a day. We also do not recommend that you wear Whitestrips overnight or while sleeping.


Yes, after using Whitestrips, you can brush gently.


Do NOT brush immediately BEFORE applying strips. To avoid gum irritation, allow for some time to pass after you have brushed your teeth to apply strips.

Are they safe?

Most people will be able to use teeth whitening strips, which are subjected to extensive clinical trials before being made widely available, without any issues.

It is important you check with your dentist before using the strips to ensure you do not have a medical condition, such as gum disease, that could make them harmful.

Some strips use hydrogen peroxide, which can cause sensitivity in some people but should not cause long term problems. Specialised strips for people with sensitive teeth are available.

To avoid gum irritation, it may be recommended that you avoid applying strips immediately after brushing your teeth, although you do need to ensure they are clean and dry. Legally, there are limitations on the use of teeth whitening strips for under-18s. Always follow the instructions on the packet.

Clinical trials do not just prove that teeth whitening strips are safe to be used but that they work.

Stains that have built up over the years thanks to tea and coffee drinking or smoking can start to fade within two or three days. Over the two or more weeks, when you continue to apply the strips, you should be able to see the whiteness and brightness of your teeth continuing to intensify until the process is complete.

What are the leading brands?

Crest is probably the most prominent brand producing teeth whitening strips. The company, which is a subsidiary of Proctor & Gamble, has been manufacturing dental products in various forms since its founding in 1955 and the Crest label is recognised all around the world.

Crest teeth whitening strips come in several different variations, including classic, professional, supreme, vivid, express and glamourous.

Other well-known names in the world of at-home teeth whitening, including through teeth whitening strips, include Colgate, DrDent, PdooClub, Sierra Clean and WavingPalms.

Each has their own unique products, with different ingredients and varieties, but all have dentist approval and scientific backing.