Supersmile is a renowned brand in the oral care industry, celebrated for its innovative teeth whitening products and advanced dental hygiene solutions. Founded by Dr. Irwin Smigel, a world-renowned cosmetic dentist often referred to as the “Father of Aesthetic Dentistry,” Supersmile has built a legacy of excellence in dental care.

With a commitment to innovation, quality, and safety, the brand has established itself as a leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Here is an in-depth look at the history, products, and impact of Supersmile.


Dr. Irwin Smigel founded Supersmile in 1987. His vision was to create a line of oral care products that not only enhanced dental health but also provided superior aesthetic results.

Dr. Smigel’s extensive experience and pioneering techniques in cosmetic dentistry laid the foundation for Supersmile’s product line. His contributions to dentistry have been widely recognized, and he has received numerous accolades, including being honored by the American Society for Dental Aesthetics.

Dr. Smigel’s philosophy was that a beautiful smile could significantly impact a person’s confidence and overall well-being. This belief drove him to develop products that combined the benefits of clinical dental care with the cosmetic appeal of whiter, brighter teeth. Supersmile’s mission has always been to offer accessible, effective, and safe whitening solutions to consumers.

Product Range

Professional Whitening Toothpaste:

Formula and Benefits: Supersmile’s Professional Whitening Toothpaste is formulated with Calprox, a proprietary form of calcium peroxide. This ingredient is designed to gently dissolve the protein pellicle on teeth, which is where stains adhere, without causing sensitivity.

Use and Effectiveness: It is recommended for daily use and is effective at removing surface stains from coffee, tea, tobacco, and other staining agents. The toothpaste also contains fluoride for cavity protection and is free from harsh abrasives.

Professional Whitening Accelerator:

Complementary Use: This product is intended to be used in conjunction with the Whitening Toothpaste. It contains additional whitening agents such as carbamide peroxide to enhance the whitening effect.

Usage: Users mix the accelerator with the toothpaste on a dry toothbrush and brush for two minutes. The combination is effective in delivering visibly whiter teeth with consistent use.

Whitening Pre-Rinse:

Advanced Preparation: The Whitening Pre-Rinse is designed to be used before brushing. It loosens plaque and prepares the teeth for more effective whitening and cleaning.

Formula: It contains hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients that help to freshen breath and kill bacteria, promoting overall oral health.

Professional Activating Rods:

Deep Cleaning: These rods are used as a pre-treatment before brushing. They help to prime the enamel for whitening by removing surface stains and providing a deep clean.

Convenience: The rods are convenient for on-the-go use and can be used as needed for an extra whitening boost.

Crystal Collection:

Luxury Line: The Crystal Collection offers a luxurious approach to teeth whitening, featuring products like the Professional Whitening Toothpaste and Accelerator in elegant packaging.

Aesthetic Appeal: This line combines the effective whitening formula with an upscale presentation, appealing to those who appreciate both function and form.

Advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush:

Technology and Design: Supersmile’s Advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush utilizes sonic technology to deliver up to 30,000 strokes per minute, ensuring thorough cleaning and plaque removal.

User Experience: The toothbrush is designed with multiple brushing modes and a sleek, ergonomic handle, providing a high-end oral care experience.

In Summary

Supersmile stands out in the oral care industry for its dedication to creating high-quality, effective, and safe teeth whitening products. Founded by the visionary Dr. Irwin Smigel, the brand has maintained its reputation for excellence through continuous innovation and a steadfast commitment to consumer safety and satisfaction.

From its Professional Whitening Toothpaste to the advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush, Supersmile offers a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of its customers. The brand’s focus on using clinically proven ingredients and gentle formulations ensures that users can achieve a brighter, healthier smile without compromising their dental health.

As Supersmile continues to grow and evolve, it remains at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry, setting new standards for what consumers can expect from their oral care products. Through its ongoing dedication to innovation, quality, and social responsibility, Supersmile is poised to continue making a positive impact on the lives of individuals around the world.